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Sometimes you have a brilliant idea or a little business that needs a website to get more clients or more traffic. Let's say you're a resourceful person that can code everything. But the hosting can't fit your budget. I have some solutions for you. I will present some ways to host an average website nearly or totally for free.

1. Front end

Let's say you've built a website with pure HTML, CSS, and JS. You can simply host it without a backend server. These are free solutions for you.

For all those solutions, you simply deploy your files. But in the case of a JS framework, you'll need to build it first then deploy the build output only.

2. Back end

Here, you have a beautiful node.js or PHP app you are excited to deploy. These are the solutions.

In most cases, I do recommend dockerize your app for deployment, because some hosting doesn't let you serve some language ( PHP for example) so easily.

3. Database

Well, you have the front and the back, now you may need somewhere to store the data for the users. There you are:

We will discuss in another post how to setup all of these services.
Here you go, soldier. Make it happen.

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